M1® Business Management System

Applied Fab & Machiningleverages the M1® Business Management System to keep your projects on track and on time.


Contact Management

  • Document specific contact details for all customers and suppliers, including email and internet addresses
  • Manage multiple related locations and individual contacts
  • Create tasks and appointments by contact
  • View product availability by quantity on hand, in production and on order for a selected part
  • Link finance companies and/or resellers to a customer

Order Management

  • Track all details and transactions relating to a specific order
  • Create jobs for make-to-order items
  • Improve on-time delivery performance by managing sales orders
  • View multiple orders at once to plan production demands more efficiently
  • Manage blanket orders by creating multiple releases for order details
  • Automatically create backorders when partially completed orders are shipped
  • E-mail order acknowledgements directly to customers

Job Management

  • Automatically updates job costs with every job transaction
  • Update raw material demands automatically with each job
  • Compare estimated job costs to the actual costs as the job progresses
  • Manage complex production jobs with multi-level bills-of-materials

Inventory Management

  • Control raw materials, finished goods and sub-assemblies
  • Ensure accurate stock records through automatic allocations, stock receipts and issues
  • Obtain accurate stock valuations
  • View future demands on your inventory
  • Track standard, average and last costs for all parts
  • View the method of manufacturing for any part

Purchasing Management

  • Purchase raw materials directly to the job
  • Raise purchase orders for subcontract operations in a job
  • Create manual purchase orders for miscellaneous items such as office supplies and services
  • Add unplanned purchases directly to the job
  • Track all outstanding orders, including backorders
  • Measure and monitor delivery performance of suppliers

Shipping Management

  • Ship goods to a customer from either a job or an order
  • Ship goods directly from work in progress
  • Print shipping and packing labels when you process a customer’s shipment
  • Create shipments for miscellaneous items
  • Add freight charges when you create a shipment
  • Monitor your on-time delivery performance to your customers
  • Report on all shipments due for delivery on a specified date

Labor Management

  • Collect and control employees’ labor hours
  • Define shifts with start and end times, grace periods, and payroll information
  • Record critical information relating to each employee
  • Track employees to see who has clocked in
  • View the jobs currently in operation on the shop floor without physically visiting the factory
  • Integrates with M1’s payroll module for a complete payroll function
  • Verifies accuracy of timecards prior to payroll processing


  • Control the shop floor with backwards and forwards scheduling of individual or multiple jobs
  • View available capacity to overload situations for each work center or department
  • Reschedule multiple jobs with a single screen
  • Define a work center by its crew size, number of machines, etc.
  • Provide a detailed Planned Material Requirements report
  • Automatically schedule all assemblies within a job to come together for final assembly

Quality/Warranty Management

  • Enter non-conformances to manage, control and analyze rework and scrap
  • Manage the inspection process
  • Quarantine parts under inspection
  • Ensure recovery of costs on non-conforming material
  • Process return authorizations and claims from customers
  • Create, track, follow-up, verify and sign off on corrective and preventative actions
  • Determine whether a claim is covered under warranty

System Security

  • Control user access to company information
  • View a complete audit trail of changes
  • View the change type, date, user and view details of what changed
  • Specify the report and component security